What’s in the Bible?

Speaking of resources for our little ones, do you know about Phil Vischer’s newest project? (Q: “Phil Vischer? Who’s that?” A: The guy who created Bob the Tomato, that’s who!)

Anyway, so Phil Vischer’s newest project is called “What’s in the Bible?” and it seems like a fantastic program aimed to increase biblical literacy. Wow!

What’s in the Bible? is, in a nutshell, an attempt to address declining biblical literacy in the North American church.  VeggieTales was an amazingly effective way to teach individual Bible stories, but not concepts like sin, redemption or God’s grace.  Yet these concepts are the core of a meaningful faith.  Christian colleges report that incoming freshmen – even those from Christian homes – know less about the Bible each year.  And partly as a result of a lack of meaningful knowledge of their faith, 65% of Christian kids are walking away from the church as soon as they leave high school.

So What’s in the Bible? is a new 13-part series that will walk kids all the way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Call it “Christianity 101” – a crash course in our faith, presented with the same wit and whimsy as VeggieTales.”

So, if you facebook, fan it. If you twitter, follow it. If you talk, talk about it. Then, when you have a chance, check it out with us!

By the way, our book club just read Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story about God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables, Phil Vischer’s autobiographical account of his creation of and experience with Veggie Tales. Fascinating! Truly, a worthwhile read if you ever wonder what happened to Bob the Tomato, or how visionaries seem to rise and fall at alarming velocity, or about the miracle of Christians walking by faith and not sight.

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