What’s Saved as a Draft?


Do you have a treasure-of-a-post just sitting in your computer, hiding behind the label “draft”?

Did you write it in a moment of beautiful passion and you’re just not sure if you have the right to be so beautiful? Or passionate?

Does it go to deep places that might inconvenience your readers or change things up a bit?

Maybe today’s the day you could re-read that post and figure out why you haven’t published it yet. You might be surprised that a few changes will help you to feel more comfortable about it. Perhaps you need to change some names or references in order to make it more anonymous. Perhaps you need to bathe a few controversial statements in grace. Perhaps you need to replace an ambiguous paragraph with a clear statement about how you really feel. Or maybe you need to print out that draft, tuck it into your personal journal, and forget about publishing it for the general public. If there is a message or a story that is waiting in the side lines, chances are that there is something to it. Chances are that it needs a second look. Maybe today’s the day.

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