While I’m At Relevant…

…I’m looking forward to launching my eBook in just a few short days! I hope you are getting excited, too. I would love for you to tell your friends, family, and local service workers all about the book. As I said before, though it is about blogging, I really think that non-bloggers could read it and get a lot out of it. Just replace “blogging” with the thing in you want to do with integrity and without regrets.

As for those of us writing in blog-land:

“Every day, we travel into a realm that has very few boundaries. The
territory is vast and uncharted. There is unlimited space for darkness and
just as much space for light. With our finite minds and vulnerable hearts,
there is so much that we don’t know. There are both dangers and blessings
that we cannot foresee. We desperately need…”

…well, your just going to have to find out what we desperately need when you read Blogger Behave  on 11.1.11!

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