Who Knew?! Or, Why CVS Exists

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When it comes to toiletries, I’ve been a faithful Wal-Mart (occasionally Target) shopper, wondering how CVS stays open in light of the competition. “Who shops at CVS anyway?” I’d ask naively, assuming that WalMart simply must have all of the best prices. And, tossing their fliers into the recycling bin, I’d scoff at their seemingly shameless attempt to compete with stores that are out of their league.

Then, I read this: http://www.moneysavingmom.com/2007/09/cvs-101.html.

All I can say is, “Who knew?!” Now I really can’t wait to get Sunday’s paper to check out all the possible deals. Warning: this article will definitely bring you back to math class’ word problem days. So, if you got nauseous back then, I highly suggest that you not click on the link and/or read the article. The money you’d have to spend on Pepto-Bismal to soothe your poor tummy would negate all of the money you saved by reading it.