Why I Spoke at the Relevant Conference

I’ll tell you this much: it wasn’t because I have impressive stats.

In fact, I had the smallest blog on the speaking team. Actually, I probably had one of the smallest blogs at the conference in general. It wasn’t because I know html or photography or even fill a niche really well. I’m not a business woman, I’m not an extrovert, and I haven’t written a “book” book. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a facebook account and I still don’t understand what I’m doing on Twitter. In other words, I’m no social media ninja. And yet, there I am, poking my head up in the back of the Speaker’s photo. I recognize all of the other bloggers, but even I ask, who’s she?

I’m confident that the only reason I spoke at the Relevant Conference is because God ordained it so. He connected me to Sarah Mae years ago when we worked on abstinence skits for high school students. She took on blogging and, well, you know the rest. But she kept me in mind. And when it came time to plan her list of speakers for Relevant11, she looked my way and didn’t care about what StatCounter said.

It was such a relief. I love to speak. I absolutely love it. But there’s no way I had any right speaking at a blogging conference. I’m not even being humble! Really, I had no right speaking at a blogging conference. It was just an opportunity that I didn’t deserve; one that God just wanted to give me. I couldn’t have worked hard enough to earn it, that’s for sure. All of the requirements for having a large and successful blog are so far out of my skill set, that my heart faints just thinking about it. But, God wanted me to speak about Him there. It was something He planned before the creation of the world.

This is a strange post to write, but I wanted to get it down on paper. I guess I’m writing it down because I want to encourage you with this: maybe – just maybe – there are things that He wants you to do that you don’t have to strive for. You don’t have to earn it, build it, or faint over it. He’ll just make sure it happens. Perhaps you just need to be faithful in the little things and enjoy all the things along the way.

Striving gets us somewhere, yes. But resting gets us where we really wanted to be in the first place. And it’s just a sweet, sweet gift. That’s one of my testimonies from Relevant11.







19 responses to “Why I Spoke at the Relevant Conference”

  1. Sonnet Gal Avatar

    God is so good!! That is also a testimony of God’s infinte wisdom. What WE think isn’t always what GOD thinks.

    I’ve just recently started reading/writing about blogging and would like to know the other speakers and strong Christian women who blog. Do you have a list of those? Thanks!

  2. Carisa Avatar

    yes, yes, YES! Love you and love that stats don’t matter-HIS plan does!

  3. Cherie Avatar

    I was completely blessed by your presentation at Relevant. Your enthusiasm is completely contagious. I’m so glad that GOD placed you where so many would benefit! Thank you for your obedience to that call.

  4. Denise In Bloom Avatar

    Yes! Striving never works, and letting God be God is always bets. Sometimes we forget that as Christians. The best part is that when you were asked to speak, you were obedient to the call. I loved meeting you and your mother and hearing you speak. Thank you for stepping out.

  5. Stef Layton Avatar

    Great post – I bought a Relevant 10 ticket from help of a sponsor … I had 11 followers at the time, no twitter acct and a pathetic facebook page – but God was going to send me.

    1. Laura Avatar

      No way! I didn’t know that story! Wow! So great.

  6. Kristi Avatar

    I was so blessed by your time at Relevant! I was sad I didn’t get to sit down and talk to you!! He blesses those who want to be used, not those who feel they have a right to be used…that would be you, sister!!
    Thank you for your post and vision. Love ya!

  7. Stefanie Brown Avatar

    Oh, Laura… I’m so thankful God’s plan included you speaking at Relevant! Your spirit, genuineness and transparency were like a warm breeze to my soul!
    Thank you for being obedient to Him!

  8. Laura Avatar

    Thank you all for your smiling faces here! I’m delighted to know you through 10 Million Miles. What a gift.

  9. sprittibee Avatar

    I loved seeing you there and hearing you there. 😉 God put me in your session on purpose. 😉 You were just the speaker I needed to hear! <3

    You and me, woman. Two little homeschool mama bloggers that just happen to show up in the ocean of big fish somehow. God is funny, isn't He?

  10. Diane Avatar

    Laura… I’m so glad you were at Relevant. Your session was one of my favorite parts of the whole conference (and knowing that you were another “tiny” blogger was a comfort to lil ole me.) This post was an encouragement and a comfort as well. I don’t have as much time to devote to my blog as many others (I’m a single mom, homeschool and have children with special needs) but I just love blogging! Your last few sentences especially reinforce what I have been feeling from Him- He will make of my efforts what He wills♥

    And I have to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting your mom there. She and I ended up being in the same place at the same time several times throughout the weekend, so we struck up a companionable little acquaintance:) She is darling… and so is your little babe!

  11. kris Avatar

    I didn’t know who you were before Relevant, but I am SO glad God brought you to that stage. What a blessing your words there and HERE now are to me. Thank you for going along for the ride that God has you on! You bless much!!

  12. Katie Orr Avatar

    You spoke the Word. No, you DECLARED the Word that morning, and I loved every minute of it. You have a gift, yes of speaking, more than that, you have a connection with the Lord that is obvious, contagious, and is spilling over to the rest of us.

    Thankful the Lord brought you to that stage!

    (I’m still so excited to hear someone quote a big block of scripture, and THRILLED to memorized Romans 8 alongside of you!)

    1. Laura Avatar

      I loved every moment of it! And I am loving Romans 8. This week’s section has tricky wording around a profound concept, so it is taking me extra attention… but what a treasure! Thank you for spear-heading this journey.

  13. Muthering Heights Avatar

    You are just precious…and you’re right! You belonged there because God ordained it. And I am quite sure that He will bless your ministry here at 10 Million Miles. 🙂

    Also, is there a recording of those skits??? 😛

    1. Laura Avatar

      Ha! Is there a recording! You know… there might be, but THERE IS NO WAY you’re gettin’ your pretty little hands on them. I say that for both Sarah Mae’s and my own sake! 🙂 We could tell you some good stories, though. 😉

  14. Archer Avatar

    Needed to hear this. Thanks so much.

  15. Jacque Watkins Avatar

    Laura, can I just say, that morning you spoke was so moving! I loved how you pointed us to His Word and His joy just oozed from you.

    Thank you for these words and for the reminder to rest. To abide and commune with Him, being faithful in the little things and enjoying all the blessings HE gives! I’m so, SO glad you said yes and it was such a delight to hear you both during breakfast and during the breakout session.

    And that baby of yours and your sweet mama…pure sweetness!
    Blessings to you!

  16. Teri Lynne Underwood Avatar

    Laura, I said it there, I wrote it in my recap of the conference, and I’ll say it here now…

    Of everything I heard at Relevant – sessions and breakouts – your morning session was the most encouraging, the most meaningful, and the one I keep going back to for ongoing encouragement.

    You, friend, are a beautiful picture of true relevance … and because you know for Whom you speak and write and share, we are all blessed by your obedience.

    Much, much love,
    Teri Lynne

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