Why Vivienne Didn’t Miss Us Much

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Even though I diligently lined up dated envelopes across the refrigerator (each envelope with a note, a picture, and a special sticker) and marked the calendar so that that Vivienne could see our return date approaching; and even though Ryan and I called every day and video-chatted with her every-other day, I think Vivienne’s balanced response to our week-long absence was far more influenced by…


Time with Grandpop.  Like cuddling up to Winnie the Pooh.


Reading and playing with Grandmom and adorable cousin, Ali .


Lunch with friends.  One of Grandmom’s surprise afternoon activities.


Admiring the scarecrows at Peddler’s Village


Enjoying a traditional merry-go-round ride with Grandpop.

And tons of other amazing experiences like winning a pig race at the local fall festival, finding a perfectly tiny greenish pumpkin, visiting and singing for an elderly couple in my parents’ church, taking her first train ride, playing with puppets, dancing, dancing, dancing (thanks for the sweet new moves, Aunt Erin!), swinging, swinging, swinging, and being loved like crazy.  I sure am glad I didn’t send our little homeschooling book along!  She learned so much  more with Grandpop and Grandmom’s curriculum than she ever would with mine. (Now that’s a valuable homeschooling secret!)