Williamsburg with Children

LauraField Trips

“Good day!” We just returned from a delightful week-long vacation in Williamsburg, VA with day-trips to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Virginia Beach. I wasn’t sure how enjoyable it would be for the girls, but I was pleasantly surprised that they loved every minute of it. I highly encourage you to gather your little ones and head for Virginia! The entire area is frought with rich history that even little ones can understand. All of the hands-on experiences and vivid re-enactments will surely help them to relate to American history more personally. Spring and Fall are perfect times to go – the flowers are in bloom or the trees are brilliantly colored, the crowds are minimal, and the weather is delightful.

This week, I’ll post some of the things that we enjoyed especially with young children.


For starters, I encourage you to read Mary Geddy’s Day, a photographed picture book of an historical girl who lived in Williamsburg in 1776. We snagged a copy from the local library, but I hope to purchase this book for our own library. The girls loved reading this over and over again – especially the page with photos of Mary waking up, washing her face, and donning each layer of Colonial clothing. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the actual Geddy house on Duke of Gloucester street! During the tour of the house, we recognized various scenes from the book and even enjoyed a song played on the Spinet. Having read the book ahead of time, both girls were able to appreciate the rich history of the Geddy family in Williamsburg.