“Win It”

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In his book, Womanly Dominion, Mark Chanski applies a little – but mighty – side-line soccer cheer that he used as his daughter’s soccer coach: “WIN IT!”

Now hear this: when he’d yell, “WIN IT!” he wasn’t shoutin’ about the whole game, per se, but rather one momentary battle occurring on the field:

Two players racing down the field in pursuit of the ball: “WIN IT!”

Two players kicking ferociously at shins as the ball tangles between their legs: “WIN IT!”.

In those specific moments, each girl must choose to exert the effort to WIN her moment. Of course, we all know that when a player wins enough moments, she wins the whole game.

I read Chanski’s book months and months ago, and must now attest to the power of incorporating the “WIN IT!” cheer into my own internal dialogue as I face millions of mini battles each day.

If I dwelt on vast never-ending responsibilities of life, I would faint from intimidation.

But, if I “WIN IT!” one moment at a time, I look back on my day with the peace of mind that I gave it my all.

Observant spectators might hear my inner coach early in the morning when I face the battle of getting out of bed: “WIN IT!” she coaches, and I swing my legs over the side of the bed.

Or maybe you’d hear her when I just don’t feel like following through with a disobedient 2-year-old. “WIN IT!” she determines, and I pause my own pursuits in order to pursue my daughter’s heart instead.

“WIN IT!” to be considerate;

“WIN IT!” to plan the week’s meals;

“WIN IT!” to write those belated thank you notes;

“WIN IT!” to tackle the laundry;

“WIN IT!” to refrain from angry words.

I find that “WIN IT” is often just enough encouragement to make the right choice for one intimidating challenge at a time.

(Of course, sometimes my internal coach needs a nap. In that case, “WIN IT!”)