Wood Manna

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In the midst of our saving up to buy a truck so that Ryan could drive out to a forest somewhere, cut trees down, and haul them home for our winter heat, one neighbor decided to have a tree cut down. She said we could have her wood, taking $150 off her bill and filling our wood pile for a couple of weeks. The next day another neighbor did the same thing. Two hours later, another followed suit. Two hours after that, another. The day after that – believe it or not – the tree man was chopping down yet another neighbor’s tree with the agreement that we would take the wood. So, after a full weekend of splitting, chopping, and hauling wood with the help of some incredible friends, we sit in the midst of at least 2-years worth of wood in a matter of a few days. How God provides!

Check this out:

And this…

Oh, and this…


and THIS:

And to top it all off, two days ago, another neighbor knocked at the door: “Hey, we just got a tree cut down and the word on the street is that you guys will take the wood…”

Needless to say, we are no longer looking for a truck.