Worth Saying about the Christians I Know

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I just wanted to point out that from my limited sample-slice of the population, I have read absolutely nothing derogatory or bitter from Christians in response to SCOTUS. I haven’t seen or heard one hateful word.  Of course I know this doesn’t represent all of the people who speak on behalf of Christianity, but I think it’s worth pointing out.

I’ve read quite a few articles encouraging Christians to avoid being judgmental, and I’ve even read open letters to Christians, from Christians, about the vitriol they are spewing in response to the whole thing, but I personally have only heard courage, hope, repentance, love, and a resolve to worship the one true God, loving our neighbor as ourselves.

From my perch in the world, I must encourage the Church. I think we’re doing well as we pour our hearts out to the Lord, think deeply and well about all things, and respond with love. Keep on!