You Are as Great as They Say You Are


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Have you noticed this trend lately? An incredible blogger receives the question “How do you do it all?” or something like that, and she writes a post about how she really doesn’t do it all, and she’s really a terrible mess, and you should just see her laundry room, and her kids are complete rug-rats, and, and, and…

It’s usually brilliant Christian women bloggers who do this kind of apologizing, and I’m just fit to be tied about it. Why? Because I believe they are incredible and they don’t need to apologize like this in order for their readers to know that they are human. So I say, let’s stop the nonsense once and for all.

If you are one of those apologetic bloggers, here’s my message to you:

I understand the sentiment behind your words, but they don’t change my mind about you. When I asked “how do you do it all” I didn’t really think you “do it all perfectly“, I just want to know about the tough decisions you make day-after-day to live a disciplined, creative, hope-filled life. You have an awesome blog and you are cranking out inspiring content for readers like me, and I say, celebrate and share the good news! You are strong, talented, and serving a mighty God who has entrusted you with incredible gifts. You’ve made many, many hard choices that readers like me need to know about. You’re much more than a dilapidated sinner-saved-by-grace! You are a saint. You are working for and living-out the Kingdom of God. Other women are noticing. We want to learn how to live a vigorous Christian life from you. Of course you have areas of weakness. We all do. But we see something in you that we want to emulate. I have a hunch that you are as great as they say you are. So, I have one question for you: “How do you do it all?”


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