You Are as Great as They Say You Are

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Have you noticed this trend lately? An incredible blogger receives the question “How do you do it all?” or something like that, and she writes a post about how she really doesn’t do it all, and she’s really a terrible mess, and you should just see her laundry room, and her kids are complete rug-rats, and, and, and…

It’s usually brilliant Christian women bloggers who do this kind of apologizing, and I’m just fit to be tied about it. Why? Because I believe they are incredible and they don’t need to apologize like this in order for their readers to know that they are human. So I say, let’s stop the nonsense once and for all.

If you are one of those apologetic bloggers, here’s my message to you:

I understand the sentiment behind your words, but they don’t change my mind about you. When I asked “how do you do it all” I didn’t really think you “do it all perfectly“, I just want to know about the tough decisions you make day-after-day to live a disciplined, creative, hope-filled life. You have an awesome blog and you are cranking out inspiring content for readers like me, and I say, celebrate and share the good news! You are strong, talented, and serving a mighty God who has entrusted you with incredible gifts. You’ve made many, many hard choices that readers like me need to know about. You’re much more than a dilapidated sinner-saved-by-grace! You are a saint. You are working for and living-out the Kingdom of God. Other women are noticing. We want to learn how to live a vigorous Christian life from you. Of course you have areas of weakness. We all do. But we see something in you that we want to emulate. I have a hunch that you are as great as they say you are. So, I have one question for you: “How do you do it all?”


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4 responses to “You Are as Great as They Say You Are”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Loved this! I’m going to share it!

  2. Crystal Avatar

    This is such a wonderful perspective! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Laine Avatar

    I always appreciate the perspective you bring! As a reader of many mama blogs, I’ve seen many of the posts that you describe here. I do think that in some cases “how do you do it?” is asked because some blogs become the equivalent of air brushed fashion magazines. They share only the perfect moments – gourmet meals, intricate crafts made with perfectly dressed children, and perfectly arranged home decor. While there’s nothing wrong with these things, sharing them alone can give the illusion that life is never, well, messy! I am so encouraged by the mom bloggers who point me to ways I can be an Amazing mother and wife in the midst of the messiness that is life – through victory in Christ! Thank you for your blog and the Truth it shares!

  4. Debi Avatar

    Thank you for posting, Laura!! I totally fall into this trap everytime people comment that I seem to have it “together”…I just don’t want them to be discouraged and feel inferior. I had a friend of mine who also blogs, make a comment that she feels my blog is a “happy all the time” blog. I explained that I didn’t feel it was necessary or uplifting to air out all my dirty laundry and that I view blogging as an online scrapbook of my life, how many scrapbooks are filled with bad rotten days??
    Anyway, thank you for your insightful post!!

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