You Can Vote for US!

Vote for 10 Million Miles here:

Here are some of my favorite vlogs from the past couple of years:


If you want to watch more, check out the VLOG category over there in the right hand column. Enjoy!






4 responses to “You Can Vote for US!”

  1. jonie Avatar

    we can’t find your obedience video is it still here? love the little tune 🙂

  2. Janelle@GraceTags Avatar

    Oh how fun! You’ve got my vote.


  3. Diane Avatar

    I’m new here but oh my goodness me… these were adorable! My 18yo daughter (who has Down syndrome) and I watched the food prep ones together and she was mesmerized. She gasped when the tuna was being “flung all over the counter” and told your little cutie to “get a clean spoon!” when hers fell on the floor;-) After they were over she sat back in her chair, sighed and said, “She’s really good!”

    so yeah… you’ve got our votes. Totally:-D

    1. Laura Avatar

      Oh, I just lovedreading your play-by-play. I can just imagine how the entire thing went. I can hear your daughter’s inflection and everything! And my heart is delighted!! Those little cooking shows have brought so many people smiles. I’ll let my precious daughter know. What a gift to share this with you and yours.

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