Your Life is About to Change: Old-Book Journals

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Totally blown away and inspired by artwork like this and that, I went to town with my scissors and hole-punch and created a journal out of an old book by Hans Christian Anderson. I thought the title “It’s Perfectly True” would suit our day-journal just fine! This is a place where I like to record our moments of significance, both big and small. For these are our moments of gratitude and praise to the Giver of all good gifts.

You are just a few short steps away from making your own:

1. Find an old book that wouldn’t mind having its insides snipped out.

2. Snip the insides out. (Save any beautiful illustrations, chapter headings, etc. to adorn your own journal.)

3. Drill holes in the front and back covers.

4. Attach brads for reinforcement.

5. Select your paper of choice. (I gathered a mish-mash of scraps and textures; punched the holes myself.)

6. Attach metal rings to hold it all together.