Your Toddler: Mozart?


Here’s a simple way to encourage your toddler to compose music with you:

Do ya remember the repetitive chords to “Heart and Soul”? You know, the duet that all the kids plunked out on Aunt Gerty’s piano during every Christmas party? Well, consider it useful knowledge! You will play the bottom part of the song while your toddler plays any of the “white notes” that she wants. (For the toddler who wants to know “WHY?” simply explain that since this song is in the key of C, the white notes will sound best.) While you repeat the C, A, F, and G chords (you can even get fancy and change up the speed, etc.), your toddler will compose a beautiful melody! Actually, you could probably play a duet with your toddler using any other song in the key of C (no sharps or flats). Play on!





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