Our New Baby!

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This is a big day for us on the little farm.

Today we are launching a new website called TheHomeschoolBaby.com. It’s a new community for moms of the littlest learners. We believe that a happy homeschool begins on the day a baby is born, so we want to encourage all mothers – future homeschoolers or not – to join the enriching conversation.

While I never worked to rally up lots of readers at 10 Million Miles (I’m just so happy to have you), I want hundreds of readers over at TheHomeschoolBaby.com so we can all glean from one another. Although I have ideas bubbling around in my mind (you know me), in order to truly enrich the homeschooling community, I need the insights of many women.


Readers can learn a bit about our vision and enter to win some adorable giveaways.

Would you help me spread the word??

Here’s who you want to tell: any young woman hoping to have children someday, and any mother with young children. They do not have to be interested in “official” homeschooling – we all know that every mother homeschools her child to some extent each and every day.

Thank you, my kind and faithful readers. LOVE YA!